At what stage do you need a production accountant?

Numbers aren’t for everyone. Which is why the benefits of using a production accountant can be obvious to many. But when should you call us in? While we can get started at any stage, it is best that we come in as early as possible, at least during production. And here’s why: It’s cheaper.   […]

Crowdsourcing and equity in the film industry – the new frontier

We’ve previously written about the different ways you can fund your production. Most common are loans, a distributor advance or through equity. Alongside grants and any money borrowed against the Producer Offset, equity also includes independent investment. Now, Australian legislation allows you to give equity on crowdfunding, opening up the doors on ‘independent investment’ to […]

Using a substituted accounting period to access your Producer’s Offset sooner

When you look to access your Producer Offset, you usually have two options. Get your Producer’s Offset with your Tax Return. This can be almost a year later, leaving a large gap (especially if you’re looking to fund your next production). Or Liquidate your production company. This is a reason why people often set up […]

Government incentives you need to know about

Government incentives you need to know about Description: In response to the unfolding coronavirus crisis, the government has announced a range of measures to help support individuals and businesses who have been affected.   Am I eligible? The measures announced so far by the government fall into different categories: Support for businesses (with employees) Instant […]

Managing your production business during uncertain times

We’re living in unprecedented times. Things change day by day. It’s leaving us all feeling uncertain, overwhelmed and out of control. But, as the world experiences the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, there are things you can do right now to prepare and respond. Act now The best advice we can give is to start now. […]

Using Special Purpose Vehicles for filmmaking in Australia

When you’re involved in production you need to be comfortable with a range of accounting terms and business structures. None more so than ‘Special Purpose Vehicle’. No, it’s not a car. If you’ve ever asked, ‘what is a Special Purpose Vehicle and do I need one for my next production?’ then this resource is for […]

What is the Producer Tax Offset? A guide for new producers

If you’re planning a future in Australian film and television production, then you’ll need to get to know the Producer Tax Offset. Why? The Producer Tax Offset – or just the Producer Offset – is a refundable tax offset for money spent in Australia or by Australian companies to make Australian films. Usually, if you […]

Common production funding options – and the traps to look out for

Money makes the world go around – and it makes productions happen. With each potential funding option, there are a few distinct things you should look out for. Make sure you go into any project with your eyes open to how you will fund it and how you will account for those funds. First things […]

[Series] Tax, accounting and filmmaking – Production and Post

If you’re reading this, you’re probably asking yourself “what do I do to better manage the money of my next – or current – production?” This is our third and final post in this series, all geared toward answering that question. In the first two posts of this series, we walked through the ‘pre-pre’ and […]

[Series] Tax, accounting and filmmaking: Pre-production

You’ve made it through all the ‘pre-pre’ stages, and we’re ready to say this is a real project, greenlit and 100% ready to go ahead. It’s time to really get started. It’s time to dive into pre-production. If you read Part 1 of this series, you already know all about the ‘pre-pre’ production stages. If […]

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