The Australian tax system is complex, so it makes sense to use an accounting firm who really understand film and TV tax issues.

Knowing the industry as well as we do, we have a detailed understanding of Australian tax in relation to film and tv accounting. A specialised accountant can make a huge difference to producers, by ensuring proper tax compliance and potentially improving the outcome of tax returns.

Above The Line Accounting is a Registered Tax Agent (25223219) who can help with the specific tax needs of film and TV production, such as:

  • preparation and lodgement of income tax returns for company and sole trader businesses
  • utilising deferred income and expenditure to minimise your tax obligation
  • calculation of tax liabilities and dates for payment
  • management of project finances
  • industry specific advice for business structures set up
  • taxation planning and advice
  • GST compliance and BAS return lodgements
  • payroll tax liability calculations (including interstate variations)
  • salary packaging and fringe benefits tax calculations
  • taxation advice on overseas income and foreign residency

Film and TV production accounting requires careful management of budget and tax liabilities. As film and TV accountants, we understand that a well planned project provides peace of mind.

Accounting for film production companies means we are meticulous about the details of your business tax and structure, allowing your project finances to be better managed. This allows producers to focus on the creative tasks, instead of chasing deadlines and finding short-term budget solutions.

As experts in this industry, our film and TV accountants can assist with your financial planning and production accounting, and will consult with you on the best way to approach salary requirements, along with all your tax needs.

Our focus is on your business – to ensure your ideas, inspirations, and goals lead to profitable results.

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